Uninstall Windows Desktop Gadgets 7 (Remove Desktop Gadgets Platform)

One of OS updates Windows Vista si Windows 7This Windows Desktop Gadgets. This application (feature) Windows 7 allows us to bring desktop (Desktop) different applications: RSS Reader, Picture Slideshow, Notes, Weather, CPU Meter, Network Speed ​​Indicator and more.

Enabling desktop gadgets are made with only two or three clicks. We right-click on the Desktop, click on Gadgets panel that opens and we choose the gadgetsSites we run. If you are not happy with the gadgets installed by default, we can go on Desktop Gadgets Gallery where we can download what we want.

7 windows gadget

For users who are not fans Desktop Gadgets, this feature of Windows 7 does nothing but consume system resources for nothing. Few, but ... consume.

How do I uninstall Windows Desktop Gadgets 7.

1. First you need to go to Start Menu > And bar "search programes and files"Typing"feature. "In the list of search we click on Turn Windows features on or off.

Windows 7 Feature

2. The list of Windows Features search and clear the check box next to Windows Gadget Platform.

Remove Windows Gadget Platform

3. Click "OK" and proceed to uninstall the Windows Desktop Gadgets. At the end of the uninstall process restart the PC.

After restart you will see that Windows Destop is not currently Gadgets Desktop Context Menu.

uninstall windows gadget 7

To reinstall the gadgets platform is very simple. Follow the steps above and check the box next to Windows Gadget Platform.

All of Windows Features you can uninstall and Windows 7 Games, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Printing Client or Windows SearchCPC.

Uninstall Windows Desktop Gadgets 7 (Remove Desktop Gadgets Platform)

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