From the wide world .... Yes increasing the TOP news. Do not think now that I turn my blog into a copy / paste @, as I saw that they took birth a few blogs sucessor (If you do not show a nipple, all for nothing .. you copy / paste). Anyway, that's another love story (will be in the next episode).

Look nene 5 news of thirst, under a title as Hurricane "P0rno actress who wanted to have sex with men 1001, terrorized by tornadoes". I mean you understand how he wanted to call the title of this news. "That (Erin Daye) who are not afraid of 1000 ^^ @ p and one was frightened by a tornado bitter. "

Actress p0rno American Erin Daye (27 years), which last year tried to sleep with 1001 men 15 hours, he told one of the sites they moments of horror that passed earlier this month, when Southern States US was swept by tornadoes. 'I sat petrified on the couch and heard the noise outside, "said Erin, who fired a sister death fear, waiting her home in Kentucky to be taken up by the strong wind. Luckily, she escaped unharmed.

Good. If this tornado escaped safely, it means it could at least try to 101 dalmatians next time.

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From the wide world ....

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