Disable Clicking Sound from IE in Windows Vista

Sometimes, the sound that "tickles" our speakers when we surf the Internet Explorer it can be annoying for the people around us (especially when they want to sleep) or even for ourselves. In the first case, you can use headphones. But in the second case, the method is a little more complex, yet simple: turn off the sound of clicks. There would also be the option to turn off the speakers, but this can be a drawback if you do not want to give up muted music or when you need sound for certain applications or audible warnings.

So, how can you disable click sound in IE? Follow the steps:

Go to the Start button, open the Control Panel and select Hardware & Sound.


You will see a list of programs whose sound system is managed by Windows Vista. From that list select Start Navigation, and in the Sound menu at the bottom of the window select [None] and then click OK.

Enjoy browsing IE! :)

Disable Clicking Sound from IE in Windows Vista

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