Disable Gutenberg & Enable Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0+

Do you want to disable Gutenberg and return to the classic WordPress publisher?
is an editing tool recently introduced in WordPress to replace the classic editor. It has a more dynamic and theoretically more intuitive interface, but many publishers consider it to be much harder to use than the classic WordPress editor. In addition, if you use an older WordPress theme that has not been updated to listen to the new Gutenberg editor, it is very possible that you will encounter all sorts of errors. In our case, the Gutenberg editor on WordPress 5.0 was a real nuisance. It was practically impossible to edit another "Draft" article. The text could not be fully selected, and as for the alignment on the page, in one paragraph we left the cursor and started writing elsewhere. Strange.
In our opinion, those who write on websites need options that are as simple, intuitive and handy as possible. Gutenberg has not shown us any of these lands so far. Possible in more than 12 years of editing with the classic one, to be an impact of the change.

We are not alone. On the official platform of WordPress download plugins, are highly appreciated those that help quickly disable Gutenberg, while the new feature of WordPress 5.0 has a lot of negative reviews. It is true that most of those who gave a negative score use old WordPress Themes who are not prepared for a dynamic live interface with Gutenberg.

In this article we will show you how to disable Gutenberg in WordPress 5 for the current theme and its return to the classic editing / publishing editor.

First of all, you need to have enough file editing rights functions.php of the current theme (active) or FTP access with editing rights.

open functions.php and add the line:

add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false');

Save the file then go to "Posts”→“Add New". You will notice that the editor Gutenberg he disappeared and was misled with the classic one.
It is the simplest method and does not require the installation of any WordPress Plugin. Tested successfully on WordPress 5.0. If it will be changed in later versions of WordPress, we will return with updates to this article, showing how it can be disabled Gutenberg.

If you are using an older WordPress version of 5.0, add the following line in functions.php:

add_filter('gutenberg_can_edit_post', '__return_false', 5);

Automatic (WordPress developers) currently recommend a plugin to do this, but I say that the classic editor will not be available until 2021. We will see after that how we can maintain the Classic Editor in WordPress. There is also the option of Gutenburg becoming more "friendly" until then.

Disable Gutenberg & Enable Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0+

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