Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center 2010 - Systray Icon & MSOSYNC.EXE

Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center 2010 - Systray Icon & MSOSYNC.EXE

After you install it is good to think that all processes and applications installed this suite we are useful. most use Microsoft Office for Excel, Power point, Word Office, OneNote si OutlookBut besides the basic applications and other longer installed toolAdditional CEs for most users who are nothing more than the extra processes CPU si RAM. One example is "Shared Folder Synchronization"(Formerly Groove) Appearing in the Context Menu. If we do not use Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, option "Shared Folder Synchronization'Becomes a disturbing link on Context Menu. .

Another tool present in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Microsoft Office Upload Center 2010.

2010 Office Upload Center

This tool is very useful for those who want to synchronize files on servers Office in work.

What is the Microsoft Office Upload Center 2010?
Microsoft Office Upload Center now 2010 Gives you a way to see the state of files you're uploading to a server in one location. When you upload a file to a web server, Microsoft first saves That file locally to the Office Document Cache Before it starts the upload, Which means That You Can Immediately save changes and continue working Even When you are offline or have a bad network connection. The Microsoft Office Upload Center lets you uploads keep track of how is progressing, and whether any files need your attention.

For a user who uses the synchronizing documents computer / laptop pe web serversboth orange icon in systray (lower right corner) and process MSOSYNC.EXE They are in addition.

office upload center

How disable Office Upload Center icon in systray.

1. Right-click on the icon and click "Settings".

office settings upload center

2. window Microsoft Office Upload Center Settings Uncheck the box next to "Display icon in notification area"And press OK.

office center upload settings

After the systray out unconscious, and you will have to eliminate MSOSYNC.EXE from .

1. In > "Search files end Programs"> Type""And press Enter.


2. In go to the Startup tab and uncheck the box next to Microsoft Office 2010.

startup - ms office 2010

Column "Startup Item"It is possible to have multiple processes Named"Microsoft Office 2010"(Such as the example above). To stop another process not mistakenly go with the mouse over the column"Command'Line to see the exact process for MSOSYNC.EXE.

Apply & OK to save the change made. Restrictions.

If we ever need to open Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Center, click Start Menu> All Programs> Microsoft Office> 2010 Microsoft Office Tools.

Microsoft Office 2010 - Start Menu

Remove From Office Upload Center SysTray Taskbar.

Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center 2010 - Systray Icon & MSOSYNC.EXE

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