Disable Notice “Connect Jetpack to activate WooCommerce Services”

WooCommerce has become over the past few years an increasingly complex system for those who want to create an online store having as a basic platform the flexible CMS, WordPress. An open-souce module of WordPress focused on optimization (SEO), low resource consumption for hosting servers and very easy to manage by the owners.
WooCommerce allows many modules and themes (WooCommerce Themes), developed by both the users and platform developers, automatically. Those who own WordPress and the spam security and protection module, Jetpack.
In the latest versions of WooCommerce, the Jetpack plugin is "pushed" forward by WooCommerce, which recommends it for protection and complex user reports in the online store. Of course, we might think that it is a simple way for Automatic to receive reports that users can use for commercial purposes. After all, WordPress, WooCommerce and Jetpack can be used without problems in the free versions, without the need for the developer to buy extensions and services paid for by Automatic.
Since the WooCommerce initialization process, the user is required to connect to Jetpack and WooCommerce (WooCommerce Services). These are free up to a certain point. If the Jetpack installation is declined, at the end of the initialization, in the administration panel (Dashboard), users are welcomed by a message.

Connect Jetpack to activate WooCommerce Services

The message is quite stressful and has no option to be permanently or hidden. Even disabling and deleting the Jetpack plug-in is not a solution.

How to disable the message "Connect Jetpack to activate WooCommerce Services”From the WordPress Dashboard

  1. Go to Dashboard → Plugins
  2. We identify and disable the Jetpack and WooCommerce Services plugins

After deactivating these modules, the notice “Connect Jetpack to activate WooCommerce ServicesWill disappear from the WordPress Dashboard.

As simple as disabling this message, so many headaches give WooCommerce users.

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