Disable Windows Defender (anti spyware & trojan remover) in Windows 7

With the launch Windows Vista, The operating system has emerged as a new tool / application security, Maintained by microsoft and the new Windows 7.

Windows Defender is a Windows service that will keep the system safe from spyware & trojans attacks. This service is recommended to run on all PCs that have no anti-virus installed or have an anti-virus skinny.

Using Kaspersky 2009I realized that Windows Defender is a service that runs nothing on my system, and I decided it permanently disable.
To check if Windows Defender running on our PC, open Windows Task Manger and search tab "Services" WinDefend.

windows-defender-services How do I disable Windows Defender in Windows 7.

1. The bar Start -> "Search Programs and Files"Type"defend"Select Windows Defender and press Enter.


2. click on Tools.

Windows Defender Tools

3. click on Options.

Tools and Settings - Option

4. In the next screen that opens, go to the menu on the left and click Administrator , Uncheck the box next to "Use this software"And press Save.

disable Windows Defender

5. Windows Defender has been disabled.


Close. :)

Disable Windows Defender (anti spyware & trojan remover) in Windows 7

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