Disabled Autoplay for CDs and / or USB Drivers [Windows XP]

Most times when attaching pcacquis or laptopOne of your auxialiara disk drive (CD / USB memory) Notice that the Autoplay dialog box opens in pop-up that asks you what you do with the files on the external drive. For most users this operation is deleted. Many prefer attaches CD or external hard drive and navigate themselves on foreign partition.

For those using Windows XPdisabling autoplaySite can be done by following a few simple steps.

1. "Start Bar" -> checkbox "Run ..." -> type gpedit.msc -> press Enter to open a window Group Policy

2. In Group Policy select “System"And in the list that opens the right side you will see"Turn off Autoplay"


turn autoplay off

3. Double-click on the "Turn off Autoplay" and in the box that opens select "Enabled" for all external units "All drivers".

Stop Autoplay

Better. Now you escaped Autoplay.

Disabled Autoplay for CDs and / or USB Drivers [Windows XP]

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