Areas. Loading INFO hard sometimes?

That is the topic of the day. ~ 2 weeks ago I happened thing with a field. info, But I think it's a conflict. Htaccess. At that time, the problem was solved after I corrected gesile, though remained a question mark. Mistakes. Htaccess were written long before problems arise. Tonight repeat history.

The problem :

1. Areas. Info hosted on the same server. (VPS)

2. Areas. Ns info that's common.

3. Sites in areas. Info form or numedomeniu.infoWill not serve pages than in a very long time. Loading extremely hard.

4. Sites on subdomains. Info (eg loading without any stress. Web page speed service in reasonable time.

5. All areas. Info are registered by the same company Saved areas (

6. Web sites on domains and subdomains. Com,. Net. Door. Org that are hosted on the same server and rented the same have no problem.

7. Areas. Info respond to ping as other TLDs.

Resolving the problem :

- I do not know. It's solving alone. Appears out of the blue and evaporates after a while. While there is nothing abnormal on the web hosting server.

Areas. Loading INFO hard sometimes?

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