Download the official app WhatsApp for Windows 8, 10 Windows and Mac OS X

The long awaited application that brings WhatsApp Messengeron mobile phones si smartphone pe PC si Mac OS X, Was released.
For those already familiar with in-app browser, Web WhatsApp, Desktop Application not bring great news. The only difference is that you do not need to open Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox home WhatsApp entrants from PC. Otherwise, interface, operating principle and options remained unchanged.

Like WhatsApp Web WhatsApp application for Windows and Mac OS XIt is an extension of the mobile application, requiring that besides PC and have your mobile phone connected to the Internet, with installed application. WhatsApp for desktop, Mirror synchronization is based on the conversations and information from mobile application. Without you cell phone handy, you can not connect to WhatsApp. The authentication process is done as with WhatsApp Web application by scanning the QR code with mobile application.

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Compared with in-browser, the big advantage of Desktop is that we no longer need to consume system resources (RAM and CPU) with an extra tab opened in Chrome or Firefox, and access to conversations is much more easily by accessing the application.

WhatsApp Desktop App It is available at download on the application's official website and install it on your PC, you need a systemWindows 8(Or higher) orMac OS X 10.9 (Or newer).
Operating systems Microsoft Windows 7It remains for the moment only version WhatsApp Web.

Download WhatsApp for Windows PC and Mac OS X

Download the official app WhatsApp for Windows 8, 10 Windows and Mac OS X

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