Download AVG Antivirus 8.5 (free version)

Yesterday (And other fellow antiviruses of his countrymen), and today will say that was released a week new release it, namely AVG 8.5.


This release contains, in addition to its larger sisters, a security toolbar, a anti-spyware most diligent, the piece de resistance is a virus scannerCalled suggestively LinkScanner Active Surf-ShieldThat check links before you click on them.

NEW! LinkScanner ® Active Surf-Shield checks web pages for threats at the only time That matters - when you're about to click that link.

As I said, AVG is probably the best antivirus free. If you use AVG, we recommend that you upgrade the new version for a good security system you.

AVG Antivirus is 8.5 compatible cu , And with .

Download AVG Antivirus 8.5 (free version).

Download AVG Antivirus 8.5 (free version)

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