Download Microsoft Office 2010 & Change / Enter MS Office Product Key 2010

Last package Office released , Office 2010 attracts more fans. Compared to Microsoft Office 2003 si Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 Office comes with many changes interface and functionality that make our job easier when it comes to working with documents in Office (Excel, Power point, Word Office... OneNote).

Where and how you can download Microsoft Office 2010.

If you want to experience new curosi and 2010 Office, Microsoft offers a period of adjustment 30 days trialFor the free benefit packages Microsoft Office 2010 or 60 days trial for 2010 Office Professional Plus.

Download 2010 Office Professional Plus (60-day trial)

- After you click on the link above the search page that opens and click on the green button "GET STARTED NOW".
- Follow the steps to register (you must have an ID or
- Once on "Microsoft Office Professional Plus Product Key 2010"Children show (the product key), select language (not currently available in Romanian language) and download OfficeThe version on your system 32-bit or 64-bit.
- During the installation process you will ask license key. Enter the show given by Microsoft to activate 60 days trial period.

- The page that opens click on the button "Try it now"And follow the steps to get to the page with the trial product key and download link. (You must have an account on or - go and ID with password Windows live Messenger)
This version gives you full access with no limitations for 30 days Microsoft Office Word 2010, OneNote, Excel, Power point si OutLook 2010.

How can we change the product key and how can we check if we have a valid Product Key for Microsoft Office 2010.

1. We open a product from Microsoft Office 2010 (Microsoft Word 2010 for example) and click the button File.

2. In toolbar from left We click on FAQThen we have the right license information.

ms office product key change 2010

In my case it is a license "expired" or "invalid". This product is unlicensed.

3. Click on the link "Change Product Key"And in the box that opens enter our code license for Microsoft Office 2010 and we validate the license, then click on Continue to make valid product.

enter your product key

Download Microsoft Office 2010 & Change / Enter MS Office 2010 Product Key - .

Download Microsoft Office 2010 & Change / Enter MS Office Product Key 2010

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