Download Mozilla Firefox 6 Final version

And again Mozilla has beaten the record of speed with The final release of Firefox 6, Less than two months since announcing .


Although who knows what changes to make browser interface (Unless highlighting web address in the address bar), Firefox 6 boasts a loading speed of up to 20% higher than the previous version (especially for multiple tabs open), which remains to be tested and confirmed (or denied). In addition it comes with about a thousand fixes who want to improve the browsing experience users of Firefox.


Firefox 6 bring good news for Web developers, Namely tool Scratch, Available in section Web DevelopementThat provides a excellent support for HTML5 and allows interactive testing (Real time) Java scripts.

Download Firefox 6 for Windows.

Download Firefox for Linux 6.

Download Firefox for Mac 6.

Although we recommend Firefox update by all its users, we suggest still not too attached 6 version number, as it appears that 7 of the is rapidly ago and is rumored to bring something more substantial changes performance and interface.

Note: If you 6 Firefox in another language than English (including Romanian), go to this link.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Download Mozilla Firefox 6 Final Version

Download Mozilla Firefox 6 Final version

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