Download Onscreen Ruler (or Line WebDesigner) - Free Windows App

For those who tend to "play" (literally or figuratively) with webdesignSite, perhaps they would "damage" a little help when it comes to size and timing elements to be included in sites given variation in size and shape monitors. If you are among those mentioned above, then you probably want to try next freeware application - Whose goal is to help webdesignerii save time and nerves - namely Onscreen Ruler (Or, more true-born line monitor).

Onscreen Ruler allows you to if the dimensions measured websites or applications you create fit in "frames" imposed by various resolutions (And as different monitors).

How does Onscreen Ruler?

This application is very easy to use, allowing measuring any window by dragging the red dough in the upper left corner of the line (Pulls the ball toward the window you want to measure). Also, the line can be moved anywhere on the screen by a simple drag (Ie pulling it all: D)


Features Onscreen Ruler

  • it can be adjusted after any resolution we
  • maybe As windows with different units of measurement


  • You can capture screenshot of any windows that measure, regardless of size
  • can hide line monitors whenever you want, and then, with a simple click on the icon in systray to do recur
  • can adjust the dimensions of the line with mouse
  • to access options, Right click on the systray icon or line


Download Oncreen Ruler.

Note: The application is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Download Onscreen Ruler (or Line WebDesigner) - Free Windows App

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