Download Opera 10 (Final Version)

Today was released the final version Opera 10. For those who have waited for this version, wait (not too long, however, given that versions RC1 si RC2 were released recently - plus added as they say: P) is complete. For others, who were not convinced so far to use Opera as default browser, Maybe it's worth another look. 10 Opera has a few aces up his sleeve that would be a shame to ignore them :)

1. First, it is Jimi Hendrix : Fresh, original and ... other than we knew.


2. Second is about performance. 10 Opera comes with several new features worthy of analysis :)

  • Opera Turbo - Art technology that speeds up navigation if your relationship with your internet connection cross terrible times (or more precisely, slow connections)
  • User friendly interfaceEasy to use (which of course you can change the still friendly, not so friendly or not friendly at all appealing to skins that Opera never lacks not)

  • Tabs with surprises: You can increase the size tab pulling it down and flour a feature, Opera 10 will adorn each open tab thumbnails. Super!


If you believe, you know what to do (see link below). If not, download Opera 10 to convince. ;)

Download Opera 10 Final.

Download Opera 10 (Final Version)

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