Download XP in Romanian language and XP Installation Instructions in Romanian

For those who are not familiar or have problems with interface Windows XP in English, The simplest solution is to install of the pack Windows XP in Romanian. In tutorial below will help you download and to install Windows XP in Romanian.


Interface download package Windows XP Romano.msiDownload XP in Romanian. Language pack.


With these installation instructions Windows XP in Romanian does not have to have advanced knowledge in the field of PCs. Just follow the steps below carefully.

1. Save Fiser of link download for free above, then double-click it to start installing.

2. In the first installation window, ask if you agree or disagree with the terms and conditions. You must check "Accept the terms of the License Agreement" then click the "Next"

install windows xp Romanian 1

3. Before installation you will need to close all open programs on your PC (Y! Messenger, Internet Explorer, Video Player, etc.…). After closing the programs click on the "Next" button to start the installation process Windows Language Interface Pack in Romana.

Start the installation Windows XP Romana

4. Wait until the installation is completed ....

Romanian Installing XP

5. Upon completion of the installation Windows XP in Romanian will bring up the following dialog box to confirm that the installation succeeded:

Romanian xp installation completion

6. Press OK then click "Yes" to restart the operating system.

Romanian xp installation completion 2

When restarting the operating system, Windows XP will be in Romanian.

The message "Welcome"

Welcome - XP in Romanian

Interface Windows XP in Romanian:

XP in Romanian - Interface

It is the simplest solution to change the operating system language and move from English to Romanian.

For users Windows7 who want to pass the operating system in Romanian, the solution is at the following address:

Download XP in Romanian language and XP Installation Instructions in Romanian

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