Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Windows 8 Beta)

Update: Windows 8 Consumer Preview it was a pre-release version of the operating system Windows 8, developed by Microsoft. This was launched in February 2012, with the aim of allowing users to try and familiarize themselves with the new features of the operating system before the official release.

News Windows 8 Consumer Preview

One of the most visible changes introduced in the release Windows 8 was the user interface. Introduced "mosaic" style Start screen (Tiles), which replaced the traditional Start menu. This new home screen displays various apps and information in a more dynamic format. Also, Windows 8 has brought a number of improvements for touch-screen devices, making it easier to navigate through touch gestures, with the operating system optimized to work on a wide range of devices, including computers desktop, laptops, tablets and hybrid devices.

In addition to interface and device optimizations, Windows 8 also included performance, security, and general functionality improvements. However, this version also sparked debates, as significant changes in the interface were considered radical for ordinary users of the operating systems Windows.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Windows 8 Beta

Finally, Windows 8 Consumer Preview was an important step in the evolution of operating systems Windows, opening the way to Windows 8 and then to later versions such as Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

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