drwtsn32.exe (Error Windows Debugger - Dr. Watson)

drwtsn32.exe , Is the process of launching a tool implemented Microsofton Windows XP. drwtsn32.exe is known as Dr. Watson Postmortem Windows Debugger errors.

What is Dr. Watson for? Windows (Drwtsn32.exe)

drwtsn32.exe, is a process that launches a hidden application a Microsoft. He's part of the list Hidden Programs in Windows XP. This process is for support. Tighten information about the operating system si hardware, create logSites with errors / crashSites (Drwtsn32.log) Programs installed and try diagnosis thereof. Error debugger. Using the service You can send the reports to be analyzed by Microsoft experts. Most times, the error leads to closing / restarting the application or worse, the blue screen and restart the computer.

As we can see applications / software errors, in Dr. Watson.

Here's a concrete example, did one of our test systems.

1. First of all, we need to open the application / tool For Dr. Watson Windows. Go to Layer Menu -> click on "Run…". In the Run box, type "drwtsn32" and press the key Enter or click OK.

drwtsn32 run exe

2. This is how Dr. Watson application ...

Dr Watson for Windows apps

Note that you can change are indicated places to be stored logs the errors and crash dump file. At the bottom, under "Application Errors"We have list of errors detected. In our case it is a error la wswitch.exe. To view the log of this error, select the error line and make click on the button "View".

log file viewer dr watson

I don't think he's a user of Windows XP, to whom this drwtsn32 not have given him headaches. Error message given by Dr. Watson should appear normally when the operating system appear major errors. It happens very often that some errors passable, to come under the watchful eye of Dr. Watson, and the user has no choice but two options. Whether to enter task manager and give end Task / end Process the drwtsn32.exe, either restart computer.

drwtsn32.exe (Error Windows Debugger - Dr. Watson)

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