Dual-boot Setup - Set Default OS

For testing the new operating system Windows 7 (Beta), Most users chose the method dual-boot. After installing Windows 7, will be set as default OS (Before booting, you have a few seconds to choose the operating system, if this time you will not choose either of the two operating systems will be set as the default boot OS - usually the highlighted).

If you want to set another operating system installed (XP or Vista) As the default OS, you must follow these steps:

1. If it is a dual boot between XP and Windows 7, Windows can only change made 7. After booting the operating system, go to Start, Right click on computer and select Properties.


In the menu on the left, select Advanced system settings.


In the new window, click on the button Settings from under Startup and Recovery.


La Default operating system have the option to select which operating system you want to set as default.


Select Earlier Version of Windows, click OKAnd after restart you will notice that the operating system is not set as the default Windows 7, but Windows XP.

2. If you have dual-boot between Windows Vista and Windows 7Follow the same steps as in Section 1.

Vista boot-7

The only difference is that You can make changes in both operating systems.

Dual-boot Setup - Set Default OS

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