Dual-boot Vista & Windows 7 - "Starting Windows" Problem

Many users who have chosen to test new Windows 7, Using PCs installed two operating systems in parallel (dual boot). Windows Vista the basic OS and Windows 7 for tests and / or curiosity.

O error / Freak commonly found in those using these two operating systems on the same PC (especially those who have passed 7 Windows primary partition) is boot-screen appearance from Windows Vista to Windows 7 load.

win-vista boot

These errors can contribute to the occurrence of a number of factors that have affected Bootcfg.exe. A simple solution that you can set Windows 7 to display the boot loading screen is originalIt is the use of a command line bcdedit.

1. In another primult make sure you are logged in with Administrator user.

2. Open the Command Prompt (type: cmd in Start -> Search Programs and Files then press enter Enter). Switch User.

3. From the Command Prompt (via bcdedit) set region / language that was installed Windows 7. For example, if you have the English version en-US command line will be:

bcdedit / set {current} Local en-US

4. After you click a restart computer, you will see the Windows boot screen will display 7 original site to load.

Dual-boot Vista & Windows 7 - "Starting Windows" Problem

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