dumprep.exe (Windows Error Dump Reporting Tool)

Dumprep.exe is a process integrated by Microsoft (in-built software) into operating systems Windows (starting with Windows XP). If you encounter serious errors of the applications installed on the system (most often caused by corrupt registries or hardware problems), dumprep creates .txt files about the conditions in which they appeared (memory dump reports). After the first report created (first error) you can choose whether it and the following reports (about the different errors that you will face at certain times - because you will definitely do: P) will be sent or not to Microsoft (the famous Send error report).

Usually, after the necessary restart on system and steal him every significant error, dumprep scans system files to find the cause of that error and then make a report about it. During scanning and creating report dumprep.exe can also use 100% of the CPU (which is why most consider him to be process harmful, Remember, and maintain a system without problems / errors, makes no never dumprep head).

Dumprep.exe is a vital process for the operation of your system, but it is not recommended to turn it off because the reports errors because you can find them and where stitiu because you can stop and repeat those errors. If you still want to disable this process, you can do one of the following methods:

1. open Run (Start Menu) and type msconfig. in the open window and then select the Startup tab and uncheck the dumprep 0-k dumprep 0 u then restart the system.

2. open Registry Editor (Run -> regedit -> Enter) and follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \Windows\ CurrentVersion \ Run. In the panel on the right, delete the Dumprep entry (REG_SZ) and then restart the PC.

Attention! dumprep.exe is not causing the problem, but it caused the problem. If you notice unusual dumprep.exe often runs in the system and, especially, without valid reasons, you should perform a thorough scan of it to ensure that it is not viruses!

dumprep.exe (Windows Error Dump Reporting Tool)

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