Collection of SMS messages, poems and wishes for Easter

Though a section of downloads, this time will not be any file downloaded from here. Just a collection of some posts good only sent by SMS, e-mail or a congratulationFriends, girlfriend, lover, family si intimates.

Messages, text messages and wishes for Easter.

Joy comes from little things. Peace comes from the soul. Light comes from the heart. Happy Easter!

Egg redness, brown lamb, increased cake, Happy Easter! Whether this celebration to bring more hope and peace in life.

Fragrance Easter be a unique moment of return to piety, harmony, hope, tolerance and piety. CHRIST IS RISEN!

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Holy Feast Resurrection of the Lord to bestow upon you health, wealth and happiness, and Holy Night light to rise to new levels of spiritual souls and to accompany steps on the road of life.

Happy Easter, light, joy and hope fulfilled. Christ is Risen!

May it be Easter to enlighten the soul and house to bring only joy and health, and God will have to watch!

Whether by miracle Resurrection to receive the spirituality that increase inner peace, strength act in truth and perfection.

May the holy and mysterious light of Resurrection time, To show the path of awakening soul and deification!

[Image] Postcard with eggs and bunny.


May it be Divine Light of Easter bring you everything that can be better in the world through the sacrifice of Jesus Good to be with you for life, always living in the soul of each and so we will live forever! Christ-risen!

Year Bunny come to you laden with goodies and do not forget to give you and envelope with the hundred kisses from me.

Distance can keep us away from each other, but nothing can hold me to wish you: Merry Christmas and Christ is Risen! Of (a) your (your) boyfriend (girlfriend) from many, many miles away ...

Bunny whiskers Easter is lucky not let your gift in shoes, he has another secret: bread, egg reddened, cake, roast lamb and a Happy Easter!

I I wish this year, Easter, why not bring your bunny ... get you ...'s help!

16 rabbits: 8 is spying, 5 are nice sleep and dreams, 2 whiter gift giving holidays and last reading A New Happy Easter!

May the holy feast of the Resurrection to bring back gold in hearts our appliances. Happy Easter and CHRIST IS RISEN!

[Picture] - Bunny with many painted eggs in different colors. [E-mail poster, MMS]


God will give every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, a blessing every step and answer each question. Happy Easter!

Christ is Risen! Light received and given. In light plentiful and loved ones to live.

Faith makes everything possible, love makes everything easy. Happy Easter!

A time for hope, faith and love in our hearts revive, to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life! Christ is Risen!

What I have been today if it had not been him yesterday. We know life because He knew death. Feel the joy that he felt sadness. We are free as Christ is risen!

The long awaited moment has arrived peace, reconciliation, joy and blessing soul ... let a moment to thank God for everything and everything has given us.

En willows sleep, a dream of crucifixion / E complained of lambs and lands with green / Christ to bring light / In the night dying quitting for life!

God bless and protect you from all evils known and unknown. To have some health and much better.

I want this year to revive the heart of Christ and your life ... to you the peace, joy and "strength" to tell others that Christ is risen ... in your heart! :-))

Mystery of ResurrectionYeah ... why not to receive,
Only through forgiveness and love we find,
A thought clean and bright outside bells bat,
Christ is risen!

Look by faith to GolgothaTowards the crown of thorns, put hand wounds nails, stop and listen to the whisper of Jesus: "For you I did." Happy holidays! CHRIST IS RISEN!

Light resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten every moment of every day Happy Easter!

I want this year Christ to revive the heart and your life ... Let the peace, joy and "strength" to tell yourself and others that Christ is risen!

Resurrection is a divine act which gives a new existence of our nature. A fact which concern us, we are on to acquire and understand it. Whether this has become cleaner and better .... Christ is Risen!

[Picture] bunny with pink ears. It's funny :))


May it be holy celebration Resurrection to bring you four divine mysteries: reliable, light, love, hope.

Resurrection night when the bells bat with lit candles with pure soul, say together ... CHRIST IS RISEN!

Knock! Knock! Today I got out of especially egg for you, I wish you a very Happy Easter with laughter and joy.

This year there was no sponsorship :) So just bring your wishes for happiness, health, joy and love. Signed: Bunny!

Walk-in news throughout the city as he comes bunny, he did bring the evenings, good and bright Easter!



To send these messages as easy to mobile phoneWithout having to bother to write them on keys phone, use a soft kind manager Nokia PC Suite. ;)

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