JAR2EXE Converter (Turn .JAR files into .exe and run them on your PC)

JAR: File . JAR (Java) Are package file created by developers, and are used mainly for mobile phones. From the files of. Jar can run on mobile phones (Nokia, for example) applications, programs for si games.

. EXE is ending applications, si installer-S for calaculatoarele operating systems Windows.

JAR2EXE is a very useful application for those who want to test and run computer applications and games on phone. This application transforms files. JAR iron. EXE that can be run on computer emulator Win32 NHAL Emulator. It is more comfortable to play a game on the PC keyboard phone, right? In addition, before the phone a copy game download Internet, you can test prior to our computer.

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Jar2exe.codeplex.com application is developed and tested on and gave very good results. I managed to run a java games for NOKIASmoothly. From what I've seen us, all jocrurile and Java applications can be converted into files. valid exe. One in five applications gave errorBut in these conditions we can say that the application JAR2EXE helpful to us when we want to run a game or application calcualator phone.

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