Outlook e-mail client for Yahoo! Mail.

As you know, Yahoo! Mail not provide support POP3 si SMTP than premium clients (Yahoo Mail Plus), in exchange for $ 19.99. I searched several applications such as Microsoft Outlook / Windows Live MailThat would support a compatible protocol Free Yahoo! Mail. Little chance. Except , I have not found anything until today.

Zimbra Desktop is an application that looks a lot like Windows Live Mail and allows setting of several outlineing email (POP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP) to a single client. The application supports along Yahoo! Mail Standard (normal ... Zimbra is a service of Yahoo! Inc.) And Zimbra Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Mail, AOL, plus other systems that support the POP / IMAP. From what I saw on their website, application is free up to a certain level. I mean, who wants to add more email accounts 20 have to toss out the stockings.

Further details about Zimbra Desktop? Well ... a pope RAM (at least in my case. Windows Vista Home Premium), no space limit for the mailbox (only normal. messages will be stored on your hard drive) and intuitive graphic makes it very easy to in use. Uh .. yeah. Another cool thing to Zimbra Desktop. Allows sorting messages folders with a simple "drag & drop"In virtual folders. I mean hang a file with the mouse and crawl it to the desired folder.


Other details:

Key features

-> Email, contacts, and calendar all in one application
-> Available for Windows, Apple or Linux desktop computers
-> Easily set up Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail Plus, AOL and Gmail email accounts with the Account Wizard
-> Any POP or IMAP email account CAN be added to Zimbra Desktop
-> No limit to the size of your email storage
-> It works online and offline


-> Easily compose, edit, delete, reply, or make drafts
-> "Drag and Drop" messages into new folders or the Trash
-> Supports plain text and html message formatting
-> Add email signatures for each account
-> Automatically reply with the correct 'from' address
-> Work Even When you are not online-messages you send is saved in the "Outbox" and has sent When you connect again.

download Zimbra Desktop: Download the free version.

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