It's sad ...

Very sad ... What's going on with me for some time. At least in the last two hours, my situation became critical. No sooner thought it could be so bad to go on this road. A major problem with no solution ... or at least with no hope of resolution soon. I was in two places where I could find help, but they told me that I have to wait, have to fight ... even a few hours until the car comes with bread. Around not going to ever go home tonight without me buy bread before. It's awful to go home at 01: 00 and can not find bread. So yeah ... in the kitchen break bread, two non-stops, I have to wait until morning. ~ 04: 00, according of shop. Until then you comfort me with popcorn, cornulete, biscuits, wafers and two lollipops. CMS. Sorry I've woke up excited and acute sensitivity with this post, but my stomach has real orgasms this time.

Something like ...


Hungry ... I learned every verse of the song above. Please listen carefully to the lyrics, and attention stanzas order not to lose during a ... karaoke act.
*above remix (audio / mp3) cica called BAVARIA.

It's sad ...

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