EASEUS Partition Manager PRO Edition - Manage your partitions drives

If you are one of thos many PC users used to RESHAPE Their hard disks, THEN you surely know The Importance of a partition management software.
There are softwares developed for Such Cases Some, But Not All of them are good choices. And Even so, very FEW work on servers TOO. So, there aren'ta many options if you Need to reconfigure the server by Increasing the space in partitions Some who got filled up with too many programs. Of course, one of Them Could Be The old method: software re-installation. But, if you can get this cutting easier, Why not do it? The solution comes out from Chengdu YIWO Tech Developments and Their product, EASEUS Partition Manager Server v2.1.

What can EASEUS Partition Manager Server do?

Resize / Move partitions (Without destroying the date on the system)

Create partitions (2GB to 1 TB supported)

Delete partitions

Delete all partitions (Wipes out all informations on the hard disks)

Label partitions

Check partitions (Shows Detailed information about all hard disks and partitions)

Hide partitions (they won't be visible from Windows even booted in Safe Mode)

Create a Bootable CD (HELPS you to manage partitions easier and faster)
• It works perfectly with Hardware RAID and Windows Vista / XP 32 bit & 64 bit Operating Systems and CAN handle up to 32 hard disks.
Recently I had the chance to test this software on my PC (not a server, But with relevant results). It is very simple to use, (no restart required) And I've tried all the operation Went smoothly. And, a very important notice, all the time on my drives remained untouched.


screenshot1 screenshot2
screenshot3 screenshot4

In my opinion, Such investment is worth to be done (more details on Easeus.com), But, you can download EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition :

Download link: http://www.easeus.com

EASEUS Partition Manager PRO Edition - Manage your partitions drives

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