Edge, the future Microsoft browser

Initially presented earlier this year, the future browser MicrosoftKnown until now as the Project Spartan captured public attention because it promises an experience optimized net compared with the old and hated Internet Explorer. In the event BUILD 2015, Microsoft He said in a final product name, its logo and some additional information.

Although old Internet Explorer became visibly better, beginning with version tenth times the Microsoft browsers apusesera managed to surprise the audience much, and the product was sentenced to life dull and always ridiculed. Project Spartan but she brought in some fresh air, new display engine and interesting options promising to make it a competitive rival current leaders Google Chrome si Mozilla FirefoxAnd this is important for users Windows will have a default browser performance, security and good compatibility with modern Web standards.

Evolving until the moment under the code name Project SpartanFuture Microsoft browser now has a trade name: Edge. Not surprisingly, if we consider that the new engine already bore the name display EdgeHTMLThis name is also accompanied by a logo derived from the old Internet ExplorerBut stylized to hide even the product name in it. As we know already, Edge will be the default browser software platform Windows 10. In the first instance, Microsoft intended to implement two engines display in the Internet ExplorerIe new EdgeHTML and old MSHTML (Trident), but the company finally decided to pull the dead old product line and keep it in Windows 10 only for compatibility reasons. In the BUILD 2015, Microsoft not too many updates announced EdgeHowever, information published so far already allowed us to get an idea. As a novelty, the company announced that support for extensions Edge It will enable easy migration extensions HTML / CSS / JavaScript created Google Chrome or Mozilla FirefoxBut this option for extending software facilities will be added after reaching the stage of development RTM. The second novelty is the New Tab PageIt will include, besides the list of most frequently visited sites, and the information offered by digital assistant Cortana and associated applications. These two new information supplement those already known, such as using a very simple graphical environment, superior compatibility with modern Web standards, an annotation that will highlight sites stylus, and full integration with digital assistant Cortana.

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