Edit & Import Contacts / Address Book [PC to BlackBerry]

One of the most stressful things for an owner BlackBerryIs taking Agenda de contact (Phone address book). If numbers are not stored on YES can transfer to the phone memory and the phone memory is empty, publishing over contact 100 would require more time. (At least BlackBerry Pearl 8210)

A simple method would be to transfer contacts from PC to BlackBerryBut the problem is that BlackBerry does not recognize contacts saved in the format supported by mobile phones Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc kind.
The tutorial below will show you how to export contacts from a Nokia phone to PC (via Nokia PC Suite), How to import these contacts in MS Outlook and how to import from Outlook on BlackBerry (via BlackBerry Desktop Manager). I know it seems a little odd, but contacts stored on a Nokia phone, a BlackBerry can not get no "arbitrage" Outlook.

Transferring contacts / contacts from Nokia to Blackberry.

Before you start working, you should know that you need Nokia PC Suite, BlackBerry Desktop Manager si MS Office Outlook.

1. Connect your Nokia phone to PC (via USB) in USB mode: PC Suite.

2. Open Nokia PC Suite and click Contacts

3. Select a contact from the list and click Ctrl + A (Select All) to select all contacts. Ctrl + left-click to select only certain contacts.

4. Go to menu: Fillet -> Export Nokia Communication Centre.

nokia contacts export-

Contacts will be saved in a file . Csv (Ex. agenda.csv).

5. Open MS Office Outlook -> File -> Import and Export

Export Import Office Outlook Contacts

-> Select "Import from Another Program or files"...

csv import 1

-> In Import File, select Comma Separated Values ​​(Windows) & Click Next.


Click the "Browse", select the file . Csv exported from Nokia PC Suite and select the folder to be imported into Outlook contacts.
Click the button "Contacts"Outlook to check if contacts. Csv file was imported. From here you have the ability to edit contacts.


6. Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your PC (via USB cable) and open BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Start sync between smartphone and PC, and address book contacts will be imported very quickly.

BlackBerry Desktop ManagerSuccess! :)

For this tutorial I used a phone NOKIA 6500 Slide, Smartphone BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and a laptop :) OS: Windows 7 RC.

Edit & Import Contacts / Address Book [PC to BlackBerry]

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