Edit images directly in the Cloud with Skydrive for Windows 8.1

Beside Start buttonThe option boot directly into Desktop, Bing integrated Search site local PC Settings (which includes most of the settings in the Classic Control Panel) and the ability to set the background image on Desktop ca background for Start Screen, SkyDrive integration in Windows NEVER Preview It is one of The most important Feature Links but by Site updates. In Windows 8.1, users can cloud sync your files directly from SkyDrive app, Plus Prem offline access to files stored in SkyDrive account.


Another feature al SkyDrive for Windows 8.1 not really talked about (yet) is the ability to edit pictures stored on personal accounts directly Cloud. Although editing function images from SkyDrive is quite limited, it still has a number of Bubble options and those which include the Auto Fix, Crop si ResizeThe setting contrast, in Brightness and color intensity some special effects.

-editing options

To access option editing images from SkyDrive, Right click on one of the images and select Edit down menu at the bottom of the screen (bottom right corner). Interface is very simple, although Editing options available in the same screen.

And after you finish editing the image in SkyDrive, you have the option of save online edited image, either as a copy in the original or updatand original image.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Edit images directly in Cloud with SkyDrive for Windows 8.1

Edit images directly in the Cloud with Skydrive for Windows 8.1

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