Educate your keyboard: "Problems" Caps Lock, Num lock, and ScrollLock

A few days ago I was "reported" a problem (Very issue of her way) by mouse combinations "Elevated" key (easy - For connoisseurs, random and sadistic for the rest: P), an acquaintance has been able to operate NumLock pe laptop keyboard (Which obviously has keys numbers over part of letter keys - Hence the problem). The problem would be resolved quickly with little counseling (Fn + NumLock enables or disables F11) If in their odyssey laptop keyboard, fingers should not be set that NumLock and Caps be default activated each time the system (apparently, and ScrollLock would be activated, but I do not know how to say exactly differences between "with" and "without" waiting completions).

Because we did not elucidate which would key combination to cancel that problem, solution is a simple registry edit. So if keys (or key combinations) CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock behave "inappropriately" and activate default after every boot, then follow these steps and educate them :)

open registry Editor (type: regedit in Searchacquis in Start Menu then let Enter)


and follow the path HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelKeyboard. In the right pane change the value entry (String Value = REG_SZ) InitialKeyboardIndicators one of the following:

0 - Disable NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock
1 - Enable CapsLock
2 - Enable NumLock
3 - Enable CapsLock and NumLock
4 - Enable ScrollLock
5 - Enable CapsLock and ScrollLock
6 - Enable NumLock and ScrollLock
7 - Enable NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock


For the changes to take effect, give a restart your PC. For future problems like this, note values ​​and consequences them. : P

Note: To avoid other unpleasant surprises, perform a before each change that you are going to do.

Educate your keyboard: "Problems" Caps Lock, Num lock, and ScrollLock

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