Remove / Hide Clock, Volume, Network, Power & Action Center from the System Tray (Systray Remove Icons)

I'm not sure who would want to disappear time, audio volume settings, battery indicator (Valid for ) and network from ()But Action Center I'm sure you will find some. These options si settings are operating system and have Emoticons located to the right of acquis.

system icons in systray

Remove / Hide Clock, Volume Settings, Network, Battery Status & Action Center from the System Tray (Systray)

1. go to And in the bar "Search Programs and Files"Type"taskbar icon"And from the list that appears under""Open"Show or hide volume (speaker) icon on the taskbar"

Taskbar system tray icon

2. In the panel that opens, "Turn system icons on or off"Select"On"Or"off"The elements that want to disappear from the taskbar systray.

Systray Notification Area

3. Click "OK" to save your settings.

This is how the systray taskbar without Emoticons Clock, Volume, Network, Power si Action Center.

bald systray

As you can see in the picture above system icons have been hiding all, they are not present even in hidden icons Area.
Removing these icons will not affect the operation of any operating system, but eliminating cess bottom right corner of the screen can make you late for a meeting :-)

This tutorial was tested on and I think that is true for . I'm not sure.

- Remove taskbar system tray icons in Windows 7.

Remove / Hide Clock, Volume, Network, Power & Action Center from the System Tray (Systray Remove Icons)

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  • Hi, me-volume icon disappeared and did not know how to put back, pt. It appears that it's off, the button is inactive and can not change it on. Pls help me. Thx

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