Enough of Vista? Downgrade to XP (without format)

Reasons to return to after trying a period are many: you have not adapted to the "new" you're tired of crashplants, reaction time is lacking, applications / softwares They are not compatible, security exaggerated (UAC), Etc. But the best reason is that XP It has notable performances a configuration more weak than the required minimum for Vista (less RAMLess space Hard DriveAnd the video card is optionala).

But the problem is not how to return to XP, but how to return to XP without formatting the primary partition. Because install Vista over XP without formatting C: it's simple, but you can not install XP over Vista because Windows Setup Prevent an older version of Windows than a newer one. So how solve? We come to 3 options:

1. Dual-boot. Install XP on another partition and keep at the same time and Vista. How to make a dual-boot I said (That's right, between Windows XP and But it is the same thing).

2. If you have a Windows XP CD with licenseThen this is the recommended option. Before downgrade, Make sure you backup made to the system (Vista Business si Vista Ultimate come bundled with Complete PC Backup si Restore Tool, For Home Basic si Home Premium You can use other backup software or you can manual backupOn a External Hard drive).

After you have provided the data on the system, insert the XP CD in CD-ROM, Reboot your PC, then press Space (If you can not boot from the CD, look for files XP Setup site support.microsoft.com). When setup starts, press R to access Recovery Console. When asked what type of installation you want, press 1then Enter (In some cases is needed password Administrator. If you do not know, you have to make a few steps back and boot Vista. Tap Control userpasswords2 in Searchacquis in Start Menu and give Enter. In the dialog box, select reset Password, Choose a new password and take it over again to downgrade).

In Command PromptRecover the console, type the following commands:


  • fixboot
  • fixmbr
  • cd
  • WinVista Windows reindeer
  • exit

then boot from the XP CD again and follow the installation steps normally. After installing Windows XP on your PC, you will need to reinstall drivers and applications, And move the files manually C: Users in C: Documents and Settings. Then delete the folder C: WinVista.

3. This downgrade option is for those who wanted to test Vista on a PC Windows XP preinstalled and do not have a boot CD, but a Recovery Disk. Make sure you backup to an external hard drive system made (this time backup software integrated into Vista is not helpful, because XP can not read backups made by it) and then insert the CD- to recover in the CD-ROM. This will erase all data from the primary partition and will "revive" preinstalled copy Windows XP (drivers included) On it. After the recover process, copy data on the external hard drive back to C:.

Enough of Vista? Downgrade to XP (without format)

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