Error 1309. Error Reading from File / Fatal error during installation.

Yesterday I received from someone who complains that meets the error "Error 1309. Error Reading from File"When trying to install CD / DVD is original.

This error is sometimes present at installation Project 2003And the causes, symptoms and the solutions They are described in detail in KB830422. If installation is certain applications or games on CD, data change problem and the causes of error "Error 1309. Error Reading from File"Can be multiple.

Windows Installer Error

The error occurs most often when installing an application or game was stopped prematurely, without the installer to carry his deletes files used in the installation. Some programs and great games volume (GB) that are installed from a CD or DVD is created on a partition or C: Users <username> AppDataLocalTemp folders containing installation files. Normally after the installation process or a proper shutdown of the installation, the folders and files that serve the installation process, it is natural to automatically delete. If the installation was stopped prematurely and the installation files were not deleted when you continue installing Windows Installer is likely to give error Error 1309. error Reading from File on the screen Fatal error during installation. In this case, the manual recommends identifying and deleting cache files left over from the failed installation. To resume the installation process should proceed normally.

Another reason is that error is the quality CD / DVD from that installation. If it shows traces of substances or scratches on the reading, then chances are high that it be due. Solving it is easy to understand.

From what I've seen and tested the laptops came with OS pre-installed and that was done to upgrade , optical drive no longer able to read and write (Read / write) certain types of CDs / DVDs. In this case it is recommended that a firmware upgrade the optical drive to avoid problems reading from the DVD / CD.

If we know other causes / fixes this error, please leave comments.

Fatal error during installation. Error 1309. Error Reading from File.

Error 1309. Error Reading from File / Fatal error during installation.

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