Error Code 0xC004F061 in Windows 7 (Troubleshooting Error)

If you expected launch Windows 7 for purchasing this OSProbably have opted for one of the following licenses: full or upgrade. Some of those who have purchased upgrade package Windows 7 You were greeted system activation error 0xC004F061.


This error only occurs in one of two cases (in fact almost identical):

  • either you tried to activate Windows 7 with one upgrade key After a full install (clean)
  • or you want to upgrade from Vista la Windows 7 but you did a complete installation

To resolve the error 0xC004F061 only solution is to install the PC one of your systems Windows Previous, Vista or XP, then just upgrade (do not do a clean install) to Windows 7.

Attention! If you formatted the HDD PC before installing, you can not use the upgrade license activation.

Error Code 0xC004F061 in Windows 7 (Troubleshooting Error)

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