I'm misogynist! You're on your heels?

I am ! You are ?

Men do not have Tourette syndrome

Unlike women who have a virus within the brain and can not keep their mouth shut even for 5 seconds. Nush 'what's up. Woman should know to keep their language even stopped to breathe. If you can not use anything else.

Men are not sponges

Women are some social chameleons or rather are some social vampires. When a woman enters a favorable situation instant change their wardrobe and how to be as if you enter nush` cult or sect. Men are not sheep. Everyone knows that the feminine for sheep is a sheep, and masculine there because everyone knows that the sheep do not apply to man.

Men live longer than women

One thing is certain, since men are born ... go out and start doing things beneficial to them and to bring them more good woman is an animal that lives around the house and feeds on man's day. This is why men die faster because she is a vampire that feeds constantly with man days.

… for more reality like that, go with confidence ;)

I, of course nu They are misogynist and I have no connection with misogin.ro , whose copyright He gave me back:

© misogin.ro This site serves as a pamphlet and should be treated as such!
(and it should be treated as such - link stealthsettings.com LOL)

One idea for women misogin.ro response as quickly to reserve areas: pepres.ro si subpapuc.ro :)))


petocuri: you're a misogynist
petocuri: =))
stealth: I?
petocuri: you better book your pepres.ro
stealth: none
petocuri: and subpapuc.ro

HA HA HA! And Santa Claus , Do not have nothing against, because giraffes put in place by reindeer sled! :)) I know.

Love is a salad!? :)

I'm misogynist! You're on your heels?

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