Explore New Search Engines: Cuil.com & Yang (Gigabit)

I noticed at the beginning of November is cleaned by more and more Robots of some SELess known sites.

First caught my attention because of the many hits (over 20.000) is Cuil.com. Web Agent: Mozilla / 5.0 (Twiceler-0.9 http://www.cuil.com/twiceler/robot.html). I do not remember seeing any statistics on this search engine to be given as referrer. Normal. Trafic.ro, Google Analytics si AWStats never heard of him, although Cuil search engine was launched by 1999. It is reported that "Unknown robot (Identified by 'crawl')" or "Unknown robot (Identified by 'bot /' or 'bot-')". Despite poorly publicized (at least to us) Cuil.com appears to be a search engine well developed. And when I say "well done" it is clear that in my view is more than Yahoo! Search si Live Search.

Cuil.com :

- Over 124,426,951,803 Web pages indexed. (Until this time)

- Keyword.


- "Safe Search"- Refine pages featuring racy.

You have enabled Safe Search. Will Cuil filter pornography or other objectionable material from your search results. However, Cuil can not guarantee all objectionable material That Will Be filtered out.

- Related results associated with keywords and sort by categories (somewhere on the right side of the results page). This is at least interesting and useful. See an example below for your keywords below: Windows View x64


It is not to be compared with Google Search, but can be a good option. The results for the same keywords are much different. To Google Search there is a problem (especially if you are logged in). Google collects information about your area of ​​activity and provides results based on the web pages you visit. This is largely ok, but if you want to get into another web site, you'll need to look through the results on 10-20 pages of Google SE.

Test cuil.com!

Yahnga SE. - A search engine launched this summer by a company UK. Not recommend it to anyone. Likely to be broken next summer. Web Agent Yang WorldSearch Bot v1.1 / beta (http://www.yanga.co. Uk /). Google looks very much like the design, but it has huge gaps and has many pages indexed compromised.

Explore New Search Engines: Cuil.com & Yang (Gigabit)

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