explorer.exe vs explore.exe (Windows based file vs Virus)

Most PC users know what it is and what it does explorer.exe - Integrated process Microsoft operating systems WindowsVital for the functioning of these systems; delete this process inevitably leads to resettlement Windowsacquis - but there are enough who do not macwould not be aware of the existence of that process - see ymvista.com (especially for these users we specify that without explorer.exe can't access Yahoo! Messenger).

Explorer.exe is the process that activates desktopul a PC, or Windows ExplorerCPC. Completion of this process leads to their closure, if any desktopmanifesting itself through disappearance of all shortcuts / icons on the monitor (They will appear in the reboot process Task Manager -> File -> New Task (Run…) -> explorer.exe -> EnterOr by restart). Deleting this process leads to a beautiful desktop white, without icons or buttons. Restartul doesn't solve anything, just reinstalling.

The location of this process is the folder system C: \Windows\System32. If you identify similar files in any folder in the system, then surely it is Virus! This is the case explore.exeWhose name similar to legitimate process, explorer.exeInduces many inexperienced users inattentive or in error. For the safety of your system it is recommended that immediately after detection executable (Careful! it is explore.exe!) To delete using a effective antivirus and make a thorough scanning system to ensure that it was completely removed.

PS - same problem as explore.exe it up and another file, explorer32.exe - Clear all virus, which tries to copy the name of the legitimate system process, explorer.exe, to fool inexperienced (and not only) users. We recommend taking the same steps as for explore.exe.

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