Facebook will improve privacy settings for new users

When a new user they create account pe Facebook, settings default de vizibilitate for his posts are public, Which can be viewed by anyone with an account on this social network (Or even people who do not have an account Facebook). Or at least this was the case until now because Facebook announced a series of improvements for security of users' privacy, And among them is a verification tool of privacy immediately after creating a Account Facebook.

This tool, called Privacy CheckupWill display a notifying new users when they wish to Prima status pe Facebook account created:


For new users to better understand how they can Protect your privacy on Facebook, They provide links Learn more si more options displayed in the bottom of the tool's. Also, Privacy Checkup offers to explain to new users how it works privacy settings on Facebook and helping them to you configure according to the preferences of the tool directly, without the need for them to access Settings menu separately.

Along with this feature, visibility settings default were changed so that updates new users will no longer be publicbut visible only for friends (Obviously, users can opt to make these Public updates that if they want). Most likely, the reason Facebook will introduce these security and privacy improvements users is to convince new users to introduce more personal details to create your account (if you do not know exactly who has access to Personal Information, You tend to abstain from posting them; But if you know from the start that personal information will be visible only to people in your friends listMost likely you choose to post on the site).

STEALTH SETTINGS - Facebook to improve privacy settings for new users

Facebook will improve privacy settings for new users

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