Find and Replace in Word 2003

There are many situations in which the user is interested in finding occurrences of a particular word or a sequence of characters and possibly replace them with another word or sequence of characters. Order Find menu Edit allows searching a specific user specified text and positioning the cursor on that text editing in the document.


After release execution of this command will display the dialog Find and Replace: Significance fields window Find and Replace:

  • field Find What - allows the specification of the text to be searched;
  • button Find Next - searching for the next appearance in the document of the specified text;
  • button More - extension of the dialog box by adding the following fields:
  • Search - specifying the portion of document (Range) that will search the text entered in the field Find What: All (Entire document) Up (The position of the insertion cursor to the beginning of the document) Down (From the cursor position to the end of the document);
  • switch Match Case - whether or not the differentiation between uppercase and lowercase letters is made;
  • switch Find Whole Words Only - only whole words are searched without taking into account the words that contain the text inside them;
  • switch Use Wildcards - the use of characters with special meanings in search;
  • switch Sounds Like - all strings similar (phonetically) to the one specified in the field are searched for Find What. Use English vocabulary, so not recommended for texts in Romanian;
  • list Format - you can specify the format of the font and / or paragraphs according to which the search is performed;
  • list Special - allows searching for special characters (which will be entered in the field Find What: End of paragraph character, TAB etc..) or other elements (footnotes, end etc.).
  • activating check Highlight all items found in - the searched words will be highlighted.


Page selection Replace lead to the execution of the function ReplaceWith withholding information specified in the dialog box Find and Replace. function Replace can be activated independently, via menu command of the same name Edit and is very similar to the function Find. The difference is that after finding text that can be searched automatically replaced with the text specified into the field Replace with the dialog Find and Replace. Replacement can be made to current appearance (button Replace) Or for all occurrences of document (button Replace All). Current appearance can ignore button Find NextAnd the whole operation can be canceled by pressing Cancel or by closing the dialog Find and Replace.


Page selection Go To dialog box Find and Replace or execution of the command with the same name in the menu Edit ensure automatic movement positions the cursor in the document specified by a page number, section or line, bookmark or comment, note header or footer to a table, graph, equation, or other object. A bookmark allows users quick retrieval of certain portions of text. Inserting a Bookmark control is achieved through Bookmark menu Insertion. After entering the name of the bookmark (Bookmark Name) Will act button add All dialog Bookmark. Button Delete the same window allows delete a selected bookmark. Bookmarks can be sorted by name or by their position in text field validation function Sort By dialog box Bookmark. A comment can be entered into the insert cursor position by choosing Comment menu Insertion. At the bottom of the document window opens a window that allows editing text commentary, change the name of the comment (he gets a default name), introducing a sound comment (button Insert Sound Object) And specify who made the comment (hidden list Comments from).

Find and Replace in Word 2003

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