Firefox will not be available on Windows XP and Vista in 2017

Mozilla announced in a press release that will 2017 stop support internet browser Firefox operating system Microsoft Windows XP si Windows Vista.

"We expect to continue providing security updates for [Windows XP and Windows Vista] users by September 2017,"

It is not known how many users in the world are using the Windows XP operating system on their computers, but Windows Vista is almost nonexistent, being the worst operating system in the history of Microsoft.
There are statistical companies that have estimated at a maximum of 4% computers running Windows XP and under 1% those running Vista. These were the figures at the middle of 2016, but by the summer or autumn of 2017, when Mozilla will withdraw support for Firefox, it is very likely that Windows Vista is virtually nonexistent on PCs in the world.
With Windows XP, it's a bit more delicate. Although it is a system older than Windows Vista, XP was the operating system that made history, being used on a very large scale for many years. Public, research and educational institutions still use PCs with Windows XP. In order to support them, Mozilla will launch in March 2017, a versionFirefox Extended Support Release (ESR).
ESR will be a Firefox will still cost Security updates (As long as the operating system and architecture) but will not benefit from new features and innovations. It will be a version of browsing simple, without too many pretensions, but enough institutions. Track the ESR version will still remain in operation about a year. This practice was adopted and Microsoft software:Windows 10 Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB).

With this announcement, Mozilla encourages users to use the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.

"We strongly Encourage our users to upgrade to a version of Windows politica supported by Microsoft"

Even if sometimes we are more conservative, we must recognize that technology is evolving a lot, and quite quickly, and to keep up with it, is often a necessity.



Firefox will not be available on Windows XP and Vista in 2017

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