Flock 2.0 came out of beta. - Download -

I know that in Romanian name "Flock"Give ideas to a lot of people, but" flock "(en: flock) is one of the most stable and dynamic browsersUsed especially for internet users followers of the most popular social networks (social networks). Flock 2.0, version is built on the latest technology from Firefox 3 MozillaSo it is easy to use in terms of maximum security. Flock 2.0 is more than just a browser. Interact well with social networks like: Revver, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook (bar dedicated to "Accounts and Services Sidebar"), and by Media RSS (MRSS) feeds with news you can centralize in a single page. MyWorld. Media via RSS, you will be notified about the arrival of new photos and videos posted on your favorite sites.

Download Flock Stealth Settings

A Flock 2.0 is the extra support themes (flock themes & extensions) And extensions. Up to version 2.0, Flock run some extensions (add-ons) to Firefox. It seems now to be developed extensions and themes dedicated Flock.

Download 2.0 Flock - The Social Web Browser

LA - Looks like Flock version 2.0, decreases significantly performance operating system. Compared with the previous version of Firefox and Flock 3.0.3, asks ~ 40% more RAM. (Tested).

Flock 2.0 came out of beta. - Download -

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