Use any expired trial application with RunAsDate [Windows apps]

There are many users Windows using multiple applications in their version trial (ie Free for a limited time) But can not afford to buy license for all these applications. In general, applications in trial can not be accessed / used after the lapse free periodAnd the trial can not be reset by uninstall and reinstall the application due Added to Registry the date on which it was used for the first time (the only solutions are either registry cleaning - Risky method because errors may occur, or system reinstallation / restoration at a previous state trial application installation).

If you are in a situation where one or more of trial applications used their free period has expired but you are in financial inability to buy licenses for them or rarely use these applications (or selective) and feel that it is worth to buy Full versions, You will definitely appreciate the help given by RunAsDate.

RunAsDate is a free utility (Credit Nirsoft) With which you can start any application installed trial Windows with a predefined time. I mean, with this utility you can do anything trial software - Whom free period expired and no longer works - to work again.


You can also create shortcuts with predefined settings for applications on trial so you can start directly, without set time every time.


With RunAsDate can be used in multiple applications simultaneously trial, Each of which may have different data set.

Note: Applications can be started directly trial RunAsDate with custom date using the following command line:

RunAsDate.exe {/ immediate} {/ movetime} [DDMMYYYY] {hh: mm: ss} [Program to run] {Program parameters}

* Warning! Sometimes antivirus AVG detects trojan infected RunAsDate as the Generic 10.THK. Since the application is clean, it is a false positive.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Use any expired trial application with RunAsDate [Windows Apps]

Use any expired trial application with RunAsDate [Windows apps]

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