The font Cambria / Calibri is not available on OS X. It Was Replaced with New Times Roman.

By definition, font graphic style of writing is digital. Letters, numbers, symbols and other characters are all defined by a font.

Steve Jobs, The late CEO of Apple, was a fan calligraphy and has managed to bring this passion on OS X. This operating system now has some of the most beautiful fonts, and some of them have been leased over the years and by Microsoft on systems Windows operating system.
today aremillion unique fonts, and OS X and Microsoft operating systems have common fonts, along with some proprietary fonts.
gauges si Cambria are fonts are created microsoft for pachele Office, especially for Word Office.
When you are carrying a file Word Officeon Windows, on an operating system OS X which uses Pages ca application viewing and editing Word files, to meet .doc or .docx file to open the message:

The font Cambria is not available on OS X. It was replaced with Times New Roman
The Calibri font is not available on OS X. It Was Replaced with Times New Roman

Screen Shot at 2016 04-08-16.54.11

This means that the text of the document is written in a font that is not listed installed on OS X. The solution is simple. We must find these fonts, unload them and to install on OS X.

Download Bills and Calibri font for OS XExternal link

How to install fonts on Mac OS X

It's almost as simple as Windows.

1. Unzip the archive content downloaded from the link above, then view and select fonts that are interested to install. Right-click and open with font Book.

OS X Font Book

2. Follow installing fonts with Font Book. here we will be able to create font libraries, we can activate and deactivate fonts on OS X.

FontBook OS X

Now we can open any Word file from Windows that contains text written with these fonts that are specific to the Microsoft Office suite.

The font Cambria / Calibri is not available on OS X. It Was Replaced with New Times Roman.

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