FTRTSVC.EXE in Task Manger (Disable Automatic Startup)

Known as a process of software from France Telecom SAThis process FTRTSVC.EXE (France Telecom Routing Table Service Component) in Task Manager should not be scared if you use a mobile internet modem de la Orange. Whether you are using a modem HSUPA USB Modem ZTE MF 636DB, E870 Huawei HSUPA Express Card, USB Option Icon 451, ZTE MF330, E1552 Huawei Modem, Option ICON 515M, PC Card Novatel XU870 or Hot-Spot Wi-Fi Option GlobeSurfer X.1After software installation Internet connection Mobile Orange FTRTSVC.EXE process will emerge in the processes list.


Path (Windows 7): C: Program ~ ~ 1France TelecomShared 1COMMON ModulesFTRTSVC

The process automatically launches Windows startup, it is useful when using connection Orange internet. Who has installed the modem software but use it as a backup connection or "Holiday Internet"Service to launch FTRTSVC.EXE can be set to turn on only when needed.

FTRTSVC.EXE - Disable Automatic Startup

1. This executable does not appear in the list of Startup a System Configuration (Run> msconfig), so you have to locate it in Windows Services / component Services. Go to the search bar in the Start Menu and type "services"Then press Enter or click Component Services.

Component Services - Start Menu

2. In "Component Services" on the left megem the Services (Local), and then in the list opens the Search panel service center "France Telecom Routing Table Service". Selected> right click & Properties.

Component Services - Control panel

3. In the process we click on the button panel Stop to stop the process, then the Startup Type select "Manual". We click on Apply & OK.

manual startup services

Reponirea computer to this service will not run automatically. If you experience connection problems when using USB modem from Orange, back in Windows Services and start the process. Normally it starts automatically when you open the connection software modem usb / card.
If this process occurs without any software you have installed Internet connection for France Telecom Mobile, you should make a careful scanning of the operating system using an antivirus updates to date.

FTRTSVC.exe is not a Windows system file. ftrtsvc.exe is a France Telecom France Telecom Routing Table Service from belonging to France Telecom Communications. ftrtsvc.exe is not a critical component.

This tutorial was made on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate.

FTRTSVC.EXE in Task Manger (Disable Automatic Startup)

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