"Gen AI Personas" - Multi-personality Generative AI Chatbot

The race among major companies to advance artificial intelligence is proceeding at a rapid pace, and the results are not far behind. Less than a year after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, Google has been incorporating more and more artificial intelligence into its services, and Meta has also introduced AI into many of its applications, with the upcoming unveiling of "Gen AI Personas."

"Gen AI Personas" is a generative AI chatbot developed by Meta (the parent company of Facebook) with the purpose of engaging younger users. These chatbots come in multiple "personas" or personalities designed to interact with users in a more engaging manner.

Meta has reportedly tested various personalities, such as a "naughty robot" inspired by a character from Futurama and an "excessively curious alien" called "Alvin the Alien.".

Meta plans to launch these chatbots at its event Meta Connect, and in the future, plans to create more such chatbots. The company is also working on a chatbot creation tool to allow other people, including celebrities, to make their own chatbots to interact with their fans.

It is anticipated that these chatbots will help keep young users active for longer periods of time and increase opportunities for Meta ad serving.

Of course, we are talking about something innovative, but which does nothing but further remove the human factor from the interaction. In other words, if this trend continues, "Gen AI Personas" will be just the beginning of one model which will be taken over by other companies. The interaction between people will be less and less even through the smart phone or the computer.

Other activities of artificial intelligence but by Meta include the development of a model broad language (LLM) and more powerful, able to compete with the most advanced modethem from OpenAI . To compete with modecock GPT-4, modethe underlying ChatGPT and Bing, as well as create a model AI specially designed to give "life" to its avatars from Horizon Worlds. During the Meta Connect event, the company will present more details about its metaverse project and the new headset Quest 3.

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