Generator colored zebra

Stripe Generator 2.0 (Beta) :-) So I got rid of giraffes! . is an online software that ajseek to create background images for web pages (backgrounds). Especially dedicated designers, software saves open an application type Photoshop to create a simple muuullteee background with colored lines (or not) in a very short time.

I tested it! : D

Stripe Generator allows a large range of colors for lines, but often happen to like the color seen on a picture and do not know the code. The simplest solution is to find a color code . Instantly find the color code under the mouse pointer, allowing copying it by a simple click.


The ultimate online tool for web designers 2.0. Ajax technology .

ColorPix is a useful little color picker That grabs the pixel under your mouse and transforms it into a number of different color formats.

Generator colored zebra

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