Gigi Becali Steaua Bucharest saves

Steaua financier, BecaliAfter ~ 398129 changed coaches finally found saving solution football team Steaua Bucharest. Established a new football tournament In which Star players will be more aliens than those in Barcelona. Literally!
Best player on the real estate market, Becali made a great investment that helps both Steaua and the party he leads / PNG. He bought Jupiter! Planet!

"Company Property Euroest sponsored by "warrior" Becali defeated by the most important auction of the century, the sale and purchase of Jupiter.
Becali is satisfied that such is president of all the continents of Jupiter, the star will be unique football team and finally winningand PNG will be party leader the planet.
Last purchase Becali after winning auction is a spacecraft last type, Maybach All StarsWith which to commute between Pepper si Jupiter. "

The above news was confirmed by and will appear in tomorrow's edition :-)


Gigi Becali Steaua Bucharest saves

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