Google AdSense: No images near ads!

Decide What the hell people ... May put all questions if they are allowed or not to place images next to Adsense sites? Google published shortly after the as can be clearly answer all questions like that. NO! You may not use any image next advertising from Google AdSense to mislead the visitor.

That's not allowed!

But it leaves a loophole somewhere. It requires a larger space between image and ads or delimitation.

Oky ... idea sounds good and is a good step made them, but do not forget how they started the winter season ...

hhh! how bad is this morning! : D

Okay. Not going to use any image that trick to lure visitors and clicks on the ads, and even more than that found with and a simpler solution replacement 100 × 250 images from websites. A small a (d) vertisment ... ;-)

Online examples: si (Spanish version): D.

Aha! Can and without images. I made changes on sites 2-3 hours ago and from what I see AdSense account almost $ 3 all things were made: D

Google AdSense: No images near ads!

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