Google Chrome - Back in Beta

La 3 months after launch stable version of the controversial Google Chrome browser (11 December 2008), a new Beta version its role in online.

According to Brian Rakowski (Manager Google Chrome) In tests (benchmarking) Revealed that the new beta is two times faster than the first betaAnd averaging 30% faster than the stable version Google Chrome (to which will run in parallel).

v8 SunSpider

In addition, it presents several new interesting features, Such as can increase only certain portions of web pages (of course, of choice: P) and the option to view tabs next to each other (Side by Side).


Google Chrome Manager added as new Beta will receive regular updates for improve speed and performance and especially for resolution / correction of errors browser.

We're doing our best to Quickly churn out new features as They are available, rather Than saving them up for occasional major releases. Riding the beta channel is a great way to let us know what's working and what's not, but do not be surprised to find Some rough edges.

It remains to be seen if this new version will be able to grow popularity of Google Chrome considering that the browser was unable to find too many followers in the 6 months of existence.

Google Chrome - Back in Beta

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