Google Chrome OS: Surprise premeditated

May only thing that is missing GoogleSite is a operating system. But not for long, judging by the announcement made Google Blog in conjunction with the launch a Chrome OS in the second half of 2010. Predictably I add (no release date, but the ad itself). Many were expecting that much, following the rise Google Inc. in recent years, following the announcement has shocked, in turn surprised many because the period in which it was made, the period dominated by The new OS's where Microsoft to be released in a few months. Moreover, it seems that Microsoft has made an announcement next Monday, 13 July, and most likely it will be on completion Windows 7 RTM. Or not. Or it could be related to Gazelle.

If you have not heard of Gazelle, well this project is an alternative to Microsoft (Idem round. Live Search round. MSN), A browser "Evolved" that behaves (or at least intends) as an individual operating system (but dependent on Windows). Microsoft had scheduled the presentation of this prototype "super-browser" in August this year, but it would not be excluded that it was outdated due to the announcement made by Google and to take place next month.

Meanwhile the internet is full of speculation about ChromeOS even been invented tell you have the main protagonist, although only information provided by Google is that there will be an operating system designed specifically for those who spend a lot of time surfing the internet and that, most likely, will be free. Some want to turn it into the perfect operating system, the dreams and expected, others criticize and reject it without appeal stage since the announcement, but one thing for sure is that Google has managed to get the attention of many from Windows 7 (At least until July 13: P)

Google Chrome OS: Surprise premeditated

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